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Mahira Khan praises Hania Aamir’s courage and grace

Pakistan’s leading showbiz lady Mahira Khan praised young actress Hania Aamir for her courage and grace shown in a major social media feud with fellow artist Yasir Hussain.

Hania and Yasir have recently been involved in their fight on social media, which was interestingly followed by a large number of netizens.

Actually, Hania took to social media to share the ordeal with living her life with insecurities that are brought about by surrendering to the unrealistic beauty standards that often times lead to anxiety. She also opened up about how she has had to deal with acne that made her feel less beautiful.

However, her fellow actor Yasir Hussain made a cross comment targeting Hania, shaming her for the acne.

During a Q&A session on Instagram with the fans, Yasirn took to responded to when a fan who asked him about his thoughts on Hania.

“Danedaar,” he wrote, tagging Hania in the post.

Mahira Khan appreciated Hania’s bravery for sharing her very personal struggle with acne.

Mahira lauded Hania’s arguments and encouraged her, saying in a tweet that “I’m not laughing either. Nobody is! @realhaniahehe thank you and proud of you for showing courage as well as grace”.

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