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Many Americans don’t supports Trump attitude towards Pakistan, Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson

Interview by: Sheeban Azhar
Azhar Ghayoor &
Raja zahid Khanzada

Dallas: Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson who is the senior most congress person from Texas has said that the leadership in the country has not been as positive as we’d like to be alignment has been lost and we are hoping that somehow someone could get to him.she was talking to The Jago Times at the At Pakistani American Business Forum’s dinner gala,
She said the president popularity is so far down that makes me believe many Americans don’t supports his attitude towards Pakistan and I’m hoping that ultimately and pretty soon he will realize this and may be he will change and we can even challenge him more because it is very clear that the Americans people’s do not support his negativeness towards pakistan and other middle eastern countries

I really would like to see these travel restrictions based upon religion change. I think it’s very unfair. The people that are coming have to have reason to be examined on the basis which is the same for every person and not just on one religion

I really encourage them if they’re citizens that they should vote. The more vote, the more the message gets out and the more we will see a change.
I believe upcoming election with the participants will have a change in leadership because nothing gets attention to the people then those running for office. So I would encourage lots of voting against the attitude you don’t like and support the attitude you do like and ultimately we will have a better country. The Founder & Editor in chief of The Jago Times Raja Zahid Khanzada and Beuro Chief of DFW Azhar Ghayoor also presents during her interview, they give latest Newspaper print copy to the Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson.

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