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Meghan Markle tosses out all royal perks, leads a simple life, reveals friend

In spite of marrying into the lifestyle of a literal princess, Duchess of Sussex is said to be as low-key about her personal life as possible, revealed reports.

With wealth and ample resources hovering all around her, the Suites star has been said to be living an incredibly down to earth lifestyle choosing to take care of herself and her life all by herself without the help of any staff or taking on any royal perks.

A report by People citing a source revealed: “There’s a false assumption that she lives in some gilded palace with staff and ladies-in-waiting and all these royal perks.”

“I was with her last month, and she was going on a public engagement. Harry and I were sitting with the dogs, and we were all chatty, and she’s painting her nails. Except for her wedding, she does all her own makeup. Dresses herself, styles herself,” the friend goes on to say.

Recalling her conversation with the Duchess regarding this, she goes on to state: “I said, ‘People think when you come out of the car that you went through some metaphorical reverse car wash. Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo, and everyone’s doing all this stuff to you. They’re not picturing you sitting by the space heater doing your own hair and nails. She’s very self-service.

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