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Mountainise introduces new trends in AI sector in Pakistan

(Web Desk) – Pakistan’s new startup Mountainise is introducing new trend in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. In only nine months, Mountainise accuracy has soared to 83% in 2018 from 33%.

“Having the core competencies in performance marketing, business operations and data science enabled us to build a successful machine learning logic developer,” says Mountainise founder and director Muhammad Jalil Nawaz.

The next phase for the company will combine the power of artificial intelligence in Blockchain industry as well as for cyber security.

Mountainise believes in utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to promote performance marketing by setting up data analytics teams and execute the plans envisioned by their customers.

In simple words, Mountainise takes your business goals, amplifies and executes them with the help of innovative solution developed in python and powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Indeed, startups like Mountainise would revolutionize Information Technolofy sector in Pakistan.

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