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Nurse accused of giving illegal Botox injections at spa in Spring

A 43-year-old woman has been charged after police say she was illegally injecting people with Botox and other products at a medspa in Spring.

As police led Michelle Bogle out of Savvy Chic Medspa Tuesday, the nurse bowed her head, hiding her face under a white hooded sweatshirt. She was wearing purple scrubs and handcuffs on her wrists.

Bogle has been charged with practicing medicine in violation of subtitle, a felony. It is estimated she administered hundreds of injections.

In court, prosecutors said while Bogle has been a licensed vocational nurse for 17 years, she is not licensed to perform nonsurgical medical procedures. State law allows physician assistants and advanced practice nurses to give injections as long as a physician is on site or available for emergency consultation. This is outlined in the Texas Administrative Code Title 22, Part9, Chapter 193, Rule s. 193.17(a).

However, according to police, physician assistants cannot recommend treatment or prescribe medicine. Investigators allege Bogle did just that.

On October 29, an undercover officer went to Savvy Chic Medspa inquiring about Botox and other cosmetic procedures. At the beginning of the appointment, the officer FaceTimed with a doctor. Investigators say the doctor asked the officer eight questions but did not make suggestions for treatment before hanging up the video call.

After the undercover officer finished speaking with the doctor, police say Bogle gave pricing options, Botox and filler recommendations and drew circles on the officer’s face showing where the procedures would happen.

Bogle allegedly signed off on those recommendations as a doctor.

The undercover officer never got any injections.

Court paperwork says Bogle allegedly told the officer that she sees about 18 patients per day and has seen up to 40 in a day

Bogle appeared in court Wednesday night.

Bogle’s bond was set at $2,500, half of what prosecutors requested.

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