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Oregon scientist genetically modifies embryos in breakthrough study

(Web Desk) – A scientist with Oregon Health and Science University has successfully modified human embryo as an experiment to further the studies.

MIT Technology Review reported on July 26 that Shoukhrat Mitalipov used the gene-editing technique for the purpose and this is a brekthrough study for the United States.

Until Mitalipov’s successful modification, US scientists have been studying researches and experiments of foreign scientists since they are the pioneers in the field.

Three such reports published earlier were all linked to experts in China.

The study is being hailed a landmark in the field of science because with further exploration, the technique could allow geneticists to remove inherited diseases in lineages.

However, it should be added here that none of the embryos used in the latest experiments were planted in womb and were only kept ‘live’ until the germ-line engineering study was completed.

‘Correction’ of genes or removal of gene-carried diseases is known as germline engineering.

The study is important for the field and all those interested because once ‘cleaned’, a child would subsequently have generations that would be free of all the genetic diseases.

The flip side of such studies can be studied through what United States Intelligence community branded the genetic modifying technique called CRISPR, “weapon of mass destruction.”

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