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#PopVsRock brings Strings and Ali Azmat in music combat

Recently, a new poll about which artists represent their genres best started on social media and fans from both sides unanimously voted Strings for Pop and Ali Azmat for Rock. The poll was started by musician Xulfi on his social media account.

There has been a clash of genres as new bands are coming forth, producing music and releasing songs and albums with collaborations. But veteran musicians in the country are possessive about the genres in which they have been producing music for over 30 years.

Agreeing to Xulfi’s stance on the subject, Ali Azmat wrote on his Facebook page, “While I wholeheartedly agree to Xulfi’s take on music and its need to thrive, what truly hit home is his point about this underlying clash of pop and rock in our country. This is something that I’ve personally experienced being a rocker to the core.”

On Monday night, he also posted a short video in which he declared that he will defend Rock against any genre whenever Pakistan needs him to do so. He played a rock tune on his guitar at the end of video.

After that Xulfi shared that video and asked his followers if they want to see these two in rock vs. pop battle. Strings then responded to this challenge in a video posted on their official Facebook page. Strings said that they have read the article in newspaper and saw the polls and this is huge for them to be chosen as the pop icon of the country.

“Then we saw this hilarious video by Ali Azmat where he says he’s going to defend rock,” said Faisal Kapadia. “Ali, we know you for the last 30 years and if you’re going to defend rock, then give us a chance and we hope something comes out of it. And if it does happen, then we will defend pop.”

While in an interview with a newspaper earlier, Xulfi said, “Since I’ve been involved in the mainstream music industry, I have seen a clash between pop and rock music. It’s been a friendly tussle for both, artists and the audience alike.”

He further added, “That’s how we all improve. So, in a way, competition leads us to collaborative improvement and progress.”

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