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Rehan Siddiqi-Newly Appointed business partner & resident Editor of The Jago Times Group of Publications

By: Raja Zahid Khanzada
Houston: The founder of the first ever U.S based, 24 hour’s desi radio station (106.1 Hum Fm Radio) and popular business tycoon of the media world, Rehan Siddiqi has officially joined & taken the role of business partner & resident editor of “The Jago Times Group of Publications in Houston”.
Rehan Siddiqi who had stepped aside for the last few months due to a busy work schedule, is now once again back in the fold of print&online media. Rehan Siddiqi with honor has accepted the responsibilities as resident editor of Jago Times. Jago Times is the only newspaper in US, which has continuously published in three languages, Urdu, English and Gujrati, enabling “Jago Times” to cater for a vast & rapidly growing audience over the last two and half years of circulation.

Editor in Chief Raja Zahid Khanzada and Vice President Amir Makhani of “Jago Times” have whole heartedly welcomed the inclusion of Rehan Siddiqi and have proclaimed the business connection as a positive advancement & over all a good omen for the future of the newspaper. They have both stated that Rehan Siddiqi who has maintained & continuously provided high standard in entertainment to the people of Houston, will now provide the exact high standard’s in News coverage in and around the Houston community, through Jago Times.

Rehan Siddiqui is a well-known global personality, based in Houston, who has created a worldwide brand in the entertainment business. His journey began in his early teens as a radio journalist & since then he has acquired over 20 years of radio/media experience. Rehan Siddiqi is a true visionary & can be accredited with spears heading media professionals from all over the globe to be a part of his organization, selecting each member with precision & care, Rehan often refers to them as his “Dream Team”. Rehan can also be accredited with establishing advertising connection with the mainstream business world, bring awareness & highlighting the strength & power of the South Asian community, such organizations include McDonald’s, Rolls-Royce of Sugarland, Anheuser-Busch & Mercedes Benze, just to name a few. Rehan’s media journey also has consists of hosted some of the biggest South Asian concerts, with the biggest names & biggest artist’s in the industry. All in all Rehan has successfully entertained Houston with over 400 concerts throughout the years. Rehan’s name and his brand has repeatedly demonstrated, his determination, commitment & strength when it comes to successful concerts and marketing.

Rehan & his entrepreneurship has been recognized many times through awards and community support, however he has recently been honored with an invitation to be a key note speaker at the University of Texas-Arlington to share his experience & knowledge of the entrainment and media world. Not only is Rehan a great businessman but also a great community and family man, during Hurricane Harvey, Rehan was actively supporting & assisting Houston’s Hurricane victims by providing safe accommodation, hundreds of food packages, water and all the amenities needed at that time, forming a bridge between the authorities, community & the disaster victims.

Rehan Siddiqui has stated: Jago Times is the only newspaper, which is published in three languages & has a diverse audience, ranging from today’s youth to the more mature readers. I am extremely delighted to be once again a partner with Jago Times Groups of Publications, & will with immediate effect start the hiring process of News correspondents and other team members, who’s will in turn, with my guidance enable us to merge print media & social media on one platform, bringing us in to the 21st century. Going forward my vision is to push Video journalism, and give Houston the exposure it needs.

Jago Times editor in chief Raja Zahid Khanzada and Vice President Amir Makhani thanked Rehan Siddiqui for joining the team. They also stressed on cooperation and encouragement from Houston’s community for the success of the newspaper in Houston.

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