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Rekha Bhardwaj with Azizon ki Toli Press Launch at Hum Fm studio’s

By Natasha Khan
Houston: Rekha Bhardwaj and team received a Houston Style Welcome at the 106.1 Hum FM Studio’s on Wednesday 27th Sept. Rehan Siddiqi requested the international & national promotors for a special press launch and a meet and greet session with the award-winning singer and live performer. Who has received many Awards, in essence Rekha Bhardwaj is incredibly talented & much loved singer. The special appearance was arranged in less than 24 hours with Rehan Siddiqi’s influence.
Rekha Bhardwaj’s first destination was the Hum Fm Studio’s where she was received and welcome Houston style by Rehan & the entire team.
Rekha was presented with fresh flowers and an assortment for fruit & nut platters, after the initial welcome Rehan Siddiqi and his radio team conducted a friendly and insightful “live” interview with Rekha Bhardwaj, International Promoter -Aloop Gosher & national promoter Jai Singh which lasted 3 Hours. Not only did the up close and personal conversation provide an insight into Rekha’s Life journey but she also dazzled the audience with her live singling ability. All in all the press launch has now set precedence and Houston is now eagerly awaiting for the actually concerts, which has been set for Saturday 7th October at the Holiday Inn- as Rekhan Bhardwaj is known for her distinct voice and her Sufism traits, the concert will be held as a very private & intimate affair.
After The “Live Interview” On 106.1 Hum Fm it was arranged that Rekha Bharwaj was to make an appearance at the renowned Aga’s Restaurant located on Wilcrest dr, Houston. On arrival Hundreds of well-wishers & Fan’s had turned up for the opportunity to meet with Rekha Bharwaj, and they were not disappointed, as Rekha very politely met, spoke and took photos everyone. Over all the evening was a huge success and now the count down to the actual concert is what Houston is now looking forward too.
Rehan Siddiqi would like to thank and acknowledge, Rekha Bhardwaj, International & nation Promoter – Alaap Gosher & Jai Singh as well as the entire team of Ags’s Restaurant for all coming together and making the event happen

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