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Salman Khan’s film recreates Wagah border in Indian village

Known as one of the major tourist attractions that stand between India and Pakistan, Wagah border holds immense significance.

The place that possesses immense sentimental value has reportedly been recreated, according to reports, for an upcoming film starring Bollywood superstar Salman Khan.

The replica has been constructed in a village named Ballowal in Ludhiana. Salman is going to film his venture ‘Bharat’ opposite Katrina Kaif at the new structure.

A crewmember shared that a scene of the film demanded a backdrop of the Wagah Border where shooting will be held till November 18. The country’s Border Security Forces (BSF) did not allow the shooting of the film at the original location owing to security concerns.

“There were certain scenes in which actors have to cross border and reach the Pakistan side. It was not possible to shoot them at original location. Also, it wasn’t practical to film at Wagah Border in Amritsar as it is normally not allowed by BSF due to security reasons. It was highly unlikely that BSF would have permitted it,” the source said.

A senior official from the BSF reiterated the same.

“Under normal circumstances, it is not at all allowed to shoot at Wagah Border. It is a sensitive area and certain security issues are there. We did not receive any request asking for permission to shoot this film at Wagah Border. It is difficult to say if they would have been allowed or not by higher ups. No one can cross border and reach Pakistan side under normal circumstances,” he said.

The sarpanch of Ballowal, Gurmukh Singh said that Bharat’s production crew had come to him asking if they could shoot in the village. He continued, “I spoke to farmers whose fields they wanted to use and agreement was reached. Then the set of Wagah Border was prepared in around 20 days. Since it was difficult to get permission to shoot at actual location in Amritsar, they chose our village. Farmers have been given compensation by production house.”

Moreover, extras dressed in BSF and Pakistani rangers’ uniforms were spotted at the location. Visitors are strictly barred from entering the village till November 18 owing to security reasons. Only the cast and crew and residents of the village are allowed to enter.

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