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Scientists create self-healing ‘electronic skin’

(Web Desk) – Scientists have created a new prosthetic skin that has the ability to heal itself whenever it is damaged, according to reports.

Outer Places reported that the “electronic skin” has ability to self-heal as seen in movies like the The Terminator, Wolverine and Deadpool.

Originally created by a team of scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder, the electronic skin heals itself by sensing physical changes like pressure, humidity, temperature, and air flow. The self-healing process is only initiated when the surface is damaged.

The study regarding the advancement was published in the journal of Science Advances. It told that the clothe made from this specialised material recovers from damage by adding layers of several commercially available compounds found in ethanol which help re-forge the chemical bonds required to sew it instantly.

The study’s lead researcher, Jianliang Xiao, told that the e-skin is made of several compounds and polymers like polyimine, laced with silver nanoparticles to give strength, stability, and conductivity.

However, the electronic skin is not designed to be worn by normal people. It can be very productive for extensive use in robotics and prosthetics.

The e-skin is recyclable which will make it last for long. The electronic devices will have a longer life by using this material by active restoration.

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