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See how many Dallas ISD parents chose remote or in-person learning for their kids, school by school

Most Dallas ISD schools will offer in-person learning for five full school days a week, according to the preliminary results of a districtwide survey released this week.

But the district is planning a hybrid model for high schools and at least one elementary school, Lakewood Elementary, where too many parents indicated a preference for in-person learning over virtual.

“We’re at 82%, over 900 students wanting to return to the campus for learning, which does create a space concern. We want to make sure that all students are 6 feet apart and are using their masks and their other procedures for safety,” Jolee Healey, chief of school leadership for Dallas ISD, told KXAS-TV (NBC 5).

She said they’re considering a model in which students would come five days a week but for only half the day.

Another survey will ask Lakewood parents if they want to continue online learning, which started Sept. 8, adopt the hybrid model or transfer their child to a nearby school that is offering full-day classroom instruction.

Most students can return to campuses Oct. 5, but those starting Pre-K or kindergarten or moving to new buildings can return in person Monday. That includes fourth or sixth graders and middle or high schoolers moving to a new campus.

Parents who opt for in-person learning can return to the distance model “at any time during the grading cycle” after notifying their school, according to Dallas ISD. Parents who opt for online learning must continue with it through the end of the grading cycle that ends Nov. 6, as well as notify their child’s school if they want to return to face-to-face learning for the next cycle.

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