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Sin tax to be inflicted on tobacco products

ISLAMABAD: Sin tax on tobacco products is to be implemented by the government, as announced on Tuesday by Federal Minister for National Health Services Aamer Mehmood Khan.

Addressing the Annual Public Health Conference, the federal minister revealed: “We are sending a sin tax bill in the National Assembly in which taxes would be imposed on cigarettes and tobacco products.”

He went on to add the accumulated tax would be invested on the youth in terms of their human development as well as in education.

The notion of sin tax on products containing elements of tobacco, has also been materialized in Philippines, it was revealed.

At the ninth Public Health Conference, Federal Health Minister shared national vision of health reforms in the country.

While inaugurating Health conference, he also said that health is key for quality of life, and the key to social sector development.

While sharing the challenges the health sector faced, Kiyani, acknowledged that the health system possesses several gaps while adding that this gap has to be minimized.

“Achieving Universal Health Coverage is one of our main priority areas. We intend to cover whole of Pakistan through Insurance Program and Health Cards by 2020,” he said.

To promote preventive health measures, Federal Minister also highlighted the need of improvements in immunization coverage and its quality, across the country for a better health status.

“Improving quality and access to reproductive, maternal and newborn health services and specifically population planning and institutional deliveries, is another area of our focus,” he added.

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