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Smart bracelet will call for help if you’re attacked

(Web Desk) – Researchers are working on a device that looks like jewelry, but it could save your life. The “Smart Bracelet” can pick up if a person is struggling or being attacked and will alert family or police if they need help.

The device monitors wearers vital signs and can pick up on changes that would signal being under attack.

The bracelet, still in the prototype stage, alerts a predetermined list of contacts and the police if it senses that the wearer is being harmed.

Additionally, it emits a loud alarm and is equipped with red strobe lights meant to scare away the attacker or get the attention of others in the vicinity.

The bracelet was designed with the intention of creating a device that can detect assault, but it can be applied to other emergency situations.

For example, the engineers said it could potentially be used to alert the authorities if an elderly person falls or to provide a warning if someone with a disability performs a risky movement.

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