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Teen brutally beaten in robbery over cell phone: Family

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) — A north Harris County mother is left terrified after her daughter was beaten so severely during a robbery, doctors had to glue her jaw ligaments.

It happened outside of her apartment complex near FM 1960 and Hafer Road on Friday.

“It’s crazy we have to look over our shoulder (and) make sure no one is outside and it shouldn’t be like that,” said the mother, who wished to remain anonymous.

The mother told ABC13 the teen was outside waiting for her family as they were preparing for a night out.

Suddenly, she heard her daughter yelling.

“You can tell when your child is in distress and when she called out for me, I just came on down to the stairs,” recalled the mom.

She saw a man dressed in all black running away. She said her daughter had been beaten and the man took off with her phone.

“She was covered in blood and she couldn’t get up,” recalled the mom. “She was hurt really bad.”

Her daughter has not been able to speak or eat since the incident, and doctors said it may be two weeks before she’s back to normal.

“I hate this happened to her,” said the distraught mother. “I wouldn’t wish this on anyone’s child.”

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is investigating. The family is asking anyone with information to contact the sheriff’s office.

“I feel unsafe,” said the mom. “I wish someone would come forward if they know anything.”

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