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Texans looking for first win vs. undefeated Steelers

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — The Texans are still searching for their first win of the year this weekend when they travel to Pittsburgh to face the Steelers.

The schedule has been unkind so far, with the Texans facing the Chiefs, Ravens and now Steelers, arguably, the three best teams in the AFC.

The Texans must stop the run, as their rush defense is 31 in the NFL.

Texans defensive coordinator Anthony Weaver is in his first year at the position, and is still implementing his style with the team. He does see growth from the defensive unit though.

“There’s still a lot of pages left to be written in this book,” Weaver said. “I told the guys like, ‘Listen, if my wife judged me after our first two dates, we probably wouldn’t be married. But we have a great relationship and I love her to death.’ We have 14 guaranteed dates left, and hopefully by the end of this, this ends up with a happy ending.”
For the Texans to win, they must protect Deshaun Watson who has been sacked eight times this season.

Watson does not put all the blame on the offensive line though.

“We’re just building chemistry. Some of that stuff is myself,” Watson said. “Protect myself and get rid of the ball a little faster. Some of the stuff is the play call and sometimes I put myself in the run game to get hit, and things like that. We’re just coming along and that’s just part of the game. I’m expected to take some shots because that’s the game of football and the way I play the game. It’s not a big issue for me.”

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