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The mega event staged in Las Vegas witnessed amazing display of technology and creative ideas

(Web Desk) – The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held its 2018 edition in Las Vegas where technology and business companies from all across the world presented their cool and innovative gadgets to stun the attendees.

From smart TVs, laptops and robots to personal flying drones, the event had it all covered. The event depicted the culture of innovation through latest gadgets which amazed everyone in the audience. It was seen that some of the weirdest ideas came to reality through hard work and vision of the tech community.

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Rocking Bed

Worth USD 2,495, it has rhythmic back and forth movements to help people sleep well.

Smart TV that rolls up

LG unveiled a prototype of its future smart technology TV that has the ability to roll up and down. The 65-inch screen TV has been considered a great prospect for the future.

Self-driving store

California-based startup presented a small version of its idea called self-driving store or Robomart that runs on electricity to give automated food delivery. It is driverless and will automatically detect the things that are missing in storage.

Robot dog

Sony unveiled a robot dog named Aibo that could be the man’s next best friend with smart AI technology installed in it. The robot dog has facial recognition ability to know the owner and fetch things like a bone. It can find a dance, give high-five and lie down to amuse the owner, just like any real dog.


SmartGurlz is like a Barbie toy, with the ability to teach young girls how to code and know math as well as computing. Priced at just USD 99, it adopts easy techniques to let children of six or older to acquire STEM education. It has different levels within to teach the girls about coding through tutorials.

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