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The morning after: Peaceful moments you missed during Houston George Floyd march

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — People marched more than 60,000 strong in downtown Houston Tuesday afternoon in honor of George Floyd.

While so many powerful moments happened during the day, the passion and call for peace lasted well into the night.

At one point during the march, a woman prayed with HPD Chief Art Acevedo.

“Everyone can see that we are equal, we are the same, we all bleed red. We only have differences in skin color, and that is nothing, Father, in your eyes,” she said as she embraced the chief, who was later seen hugging many others in the crowd.

WATCH: Woman prays with HPD Chief Art Acevedo

“We only have differences in skin color, and that is nothing, Father, in your eyes,” she said as she prayed for Houston’s police chief.

Acevedo has been vocal about showing support during the protests, taking a knee in solidarity.

“This department has a relationship with this community. We may have our ups and downs like any other relationship, but this community knows we care, and we’re doing it again today,” Acevedo said.

Marchers and police continued to share moments together.

One mom shared a video of her son, who was holding a sign, talking to an officer. “Don’t ever be afraid,” the officer told him as she introduced him to her colleagues.

Floyd’s family was at the center of the march, which was led by Houston rappers and activists Bun B and Trae Tha Truth.

“The goal right now is to get all four of those officers, anyone who had anything to do with the wrongdoing, held accountable. That is the main mission right now,” Trae Tha Truth said. So far, only Derek Chauvin, the officer seen pressing into Floyd’s neck, has been charged.

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson was also among those who showed support during the march. In one photo, he hugged Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner.

Houston Mayor’s Office


I am for this afternoon’s peaceful & respectful march in honor of !

Please continue to honor the family’s wish & keep it peaceful.

Mayor Turner hugs deshawn watsonMayor turner wears a mask that says "I can't breathe" while standing next to one of George Floyd's family members wearing his yates high school football jerseyMayor Turner speaks for the podium while protesters hold up signs behind him that say "United we stand" and "George Floyd Justice"Mayor Turner poses with members of George Floyd's family inside city hall
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Another bright moment came when two different protest groups happened to link up at the same time and started cheering and dancing.

CEO of @Diremuse

I just want to share this video of two completely different protest groups in Houston that just so happened to link up at the same time & the whole crowds reaction

Embedded video

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In another instance, ABC13’s Steve Campion captured a man named Steven pulling trash bags from his bag to pick up garbage left behind.

Steve Campion


This is how Houston marches! I noticed Steven taking trash bags out of his bag and picking up garbage. Thank you, Steven. Thank you.

Embedded video

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People of all ages were united at the march, with one 13-year-old noting he was there for George Floyd.

At the end of the night, Houston’s City Hall was lit up in the colors of Yates High School, where Floyd was a student.

Courtney Fischer


for .

City Hall lit up with Yates HS colors, where Floyd graduated in the nineties.

Yesterday was a thing of beauty, . We’re you there?

60,000 people surrounded this building, demanding justice for Floyd and equality.

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After the march was over, there were about 200 arrests, which included people who blocked the streets and threw rocks at police. No one was hurt.

Houston police stressed the number of arrests was low considering the thousands who marched peacefully.

Houston Police


This is an extremely low number of arrests considering the thousands of people in our community who marched and demonstrated peacefully today.

We’re not aware of any significant property damage or injuries.

We will have updated arrest numbers/info later this morning.

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