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Trump’s derisive comments ‘shameful,’ Mayor Turner says

President Donald Trump’s reported reference to Haiti and African nations as “shithole countries” didn’t sit well with Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, who called the comments “unfortunate and shameful.”

Turner also referenced his upbringing in Acres Homes, one of nine children born to parents who did not finish high school, one of whom died young and without health insurance when the mayor was a teenager.

“Many would say I come from one of those communities like Haiti and others,” he said. “The comments were highly unfortunate and shameful. We are an inclusive society. Every person has value, every community is important, and we should be lifting up and not tearing down.”

Cruz, who was not in the Oval Office meeting at which Trump alleged made the remarks, did not address the substance of the statement.

He recounted years his wife spent as a child in Africa when her parents were missionaries there.

“I don’t know what was said and what wasn’t said,” Cruz said. “I can tell you the approach that I’ve tried to take in Washington is to stay out of the nastiness and the attacks and the he-said-she-said and the insults and try to focus on substance.

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