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Vishwaroopam 2: The curious case of India’s ‘friendly relations’ with Pakistan

MUMBAI: It would be surprising for many to know that Indian censor board consider Pakistan a ‘friendly’ country when it muted word ‘Pakistan’ from the movie Vishwaroopam 2.

Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam 2 was released today in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi languages.

According to details, Central Board of Film Certification made 14 cuts in Hindi version while Tamil version has been given 22 cuts.

On the other hand, cuts in Tamil version include muting the words ‘bastard’, ‘babu’, ‘Pakistan’, ‘South Block’, ‘Bharat Mata’ and ‘Allah’. These cuts by CBFC are also supported by reasons such as vulgarity, defamation and for muting the word ‘Pakistan’, the reason given is ‘friendly relations’.

The board didn’t explain why the words like ‘Pakistan’ and ‘Allah’ were deemed unfit for Tamil audience and were allowed in Hindi version.

The Hindi version of the film was given 14 cuts which include muting the words, ‘IFS’ and ‘foreign service’. Adding the ‘fiction disclaimer’, reducing the visual of tearing of burkha, reducing visuals which are high on blood and gore have all been included in this list. The list also suggested a ‘lip lock’ scene be removed and be replaced with ‘hero and heroine looking towards each other’.

Along with these, the cuts include reduction of ‘bedroom scenes’ by 50% and even trimming the shot of ‘twisting of hand’.

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