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western countries can bring positive changes in Indian occupied Kashmir PM AJK, Raja Farooq

Dallas: Prime Minister Azad Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider has said that he is hopeful from western countries as they can bring positive changes in situation in Indian occupied Kashmir. He was addressing a group of community leaders at a reception at the residence of Pakistan(contnue page3)  Society of North Texas President Mr. Abid Malik’s. US House member and member of foreign affairs committee Mr. Ron Right and state representative Angi Chen were also in attendance at the reception. A large number of community leaders were in presence where Congressman Ron Right had a detail discussion as he promised that he will raise the issue of Kashmir in Congress. He said he will create an environment to help people of Kashmir use their rights of self-determination. He said that whatever is happening in Kashmir is known by international community. He said that this is a reason no one in security council opposed discussion on Kashmir.Azad Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider said that this is yet to be decided as how the plebiscite should be organized on Kashmir. Responding to a question he said that it is not true that there was no protest in Pakistan. He said that the whole Pakistan protested on 15th August on day of Indian independence. He said that security council was made aware of the bad situation in Kashmir. He said that this situation can go further worst as two countries can fight with each other and could turn into a nuclear conflict. Expressing his disappointment with Muslim countries he said that the question should be raised at OIC to see if they are with us. He said that Pakistan is not an inconsequential country. He said my visit to US shows our hopes from West. He said that he didn’t go to Saudi Arabia or UAE as he is disappointed from their stances on Kashmir. He said that China and west can put pressure on India to abide by UN resolutions and hold plebiscite in Kashmir. He said that China and West can make this happen,

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