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Johnny Depp, Alec Baldwin shares their ‘humiliating’ stories of divorce wars in court

American actors Johnny Depp and Alec Baldwin are delving into the details of their messy divorces.

Greg Ellis penned a book titled, Respondents: The Family Law Cartel,  for which the Pirates of the Caribbean star wrote the introduction while Baldwin penned the preface.

Ellis’ book  focuses on his own divorce battle as well and aims to highlight how the family court system discriminates against men and fathers.

Baldwin, 63, was also stuck in a tedious custody war with first wife Kim Basinger over their daughter Ireland in 2002. Meanwhile, Depp also had a legal battle with ex-wife Amber Heard for four years after their divorce over claims of domestic abuse.

“It’s also both a diagnosis and a prescription, mediating the depth of crisis and escape. Greg Ellis straightens the record and breaks the myth of the divorce court. This is Greg’s story. It’s your story. And it’s our story. If you’re trapped in a dungeon, a family court system, the defendant must be your constant companion,” wrote Depp.

Baldwin also shared his struggles in the preface, saying he felt “defeated” after his marriage.

“For the next few years, I suffered and humiliated the California family law system, an entity that came to equate with a criminal organisation defined by their casual willingness to pain me to force money. When I was dragged into, I was indignant at what I had experienced, as much as I wrote a book about that experience,” he wrote.

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