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Barbra Streisand addresses new philanthropic endeavors

Barbra Streisand recently weighed in on wanting to obtain “a purpose bigger than myself” through philanthropy.

The star got candid about it all in an exclusive interview clip with Zane Lowe.

There she began by stressing on the importance of wanting a ‘purposeful’ existence and admitted, “Isn’t it great for women now? Oh my God. I mean, I started off with I’m leaving centers at UCLA and the one I started in 1984, my first contribution to doing something about education, it was at USC.”

“Men and women in society, in a changing world, the dynamics. I’m finally getting it at UCLA. Nobody studied it, but now it’s changed.”

“That was in 1984. Whenever I made money, I wanted to give it away. I keep some for myself, but do something like my father intended about education.”

She concluded by saying, “I love to have a purpose that’s bigger than myself. It’s not about financially making myself richer.”

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