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VJ Mathira injured in gruesome car accident in Dubai

DUBAI: Eminent Pakistani VJ Mathira sustained serious injuries after her car got involved in a deadly accident in Dubai on Tuesday.

The renowned television host was travelling with a friend when their car was quashed by two trucks.

Mathira took to Instagram to share pictures and videos of the accident. She also uploaded videos on her Insta stories before the accident occurred.

She later posted a picture of their damaged vehicle. The television host was in the car with her friend Sara, who is also recovering from injuries.

In her post, Mathira shared how, by the grace of Almighty, the two narrowly escaped death.

“My friend Sara is well, Masha Allah. He has his mercy on us and saved us,” she penned. “To be honest, bad eyes and ill wishers do cause a bit of damage. Allah will repay these people for their thoughts,” she wrote.

Mathira added, “My friends are a gem. So much love and care. Thank you for making me feel so at home and looking after me in my good and in my bad times,” said Mathira. “Allah blessed me with another life. His mercy and protection always be on me and all of us. Amen.”

Sharing about how she thought 2018 has been for her, Mathira stated, “2018 gave me a lot of happiness and a little pain. Like three fractures on the ribs and a dislocated jaw. I know my pain will be rewarded.”

Expressing her thoughts on 2019, the VJ said she feels nothing but gratitude, “May Allah be with all of us in our good and more in our bad times. Trust Him blindly and you will see miracles like I saw one today: a second life. May Allah bless us,” she concluded.

Mathira is currently in the hospital seeking treatment for her injuries.

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