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Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid part ways yet again

While Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are known to be keeping their fans hanging with their relationship going on and off continuously it appears that their stars are vexed yet again.

Following a long interval of constant speculations coming afloat, US Weekly citing several sources revealed that the duo has parted ways yet again.

Earlier reports had suggested that the pair has hit the pause button on their relationship since early November whereas the absence of the two from each other’s social media accounts had also given rise to the conjectures.

According to the report by US Weekly, the 23-year-old model and the 25-year-old singer are no longer on a break but have ended things entirely.

“They’re done. They could get back together, but it’s over for now,” revealed the source.

On the other hand, another source revealed that while Hadid had persistently tried to make things work, Malik’s personal issues led to the eventual downfall of the relationship adding that: “She cut herself off from all her friends every time they were together. She focused all her time and energy on him, but it just got to be too much.”

Subsequent to the news, fans also detected Gigi missing from Zayn’s following list on Instagram giving a clear cut signal that the two have officially called it quits

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