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Story behind Priyanka Chopra’s custom-made wedding bangles

Although it is 2019, the buzz around Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ grand December nuptials refuses to die down anytime soon.

While the wedding ceremony, held in Indian city Jodhpur, was replete of intricacies giving insights into the couple’s magnificent love story – including Ralph Lauren’s custom-made trousseau – an interesting detail about Priyanka’s kaleerashas emerged recently.

In a revelation made by Priyanka’s wedding stylist Ami Patel, the bride’s kaleeras (gold embellished umbrella shaped ornament that is attached to the bride’s chooda or bangle) were customised to tell a love story and was planned with astounding details.

The stylist took to Instagram to share:

“For the first time ever kaleeras that were customised to tell a love story and planned with such amazing details by Mrinalini Chandra. From a Symbol from Greece where Nick proposed to PC to Cupid, to a cross and the Trishul from both their religions, to an engraved silhouette of both of them to Mr. Chip Potts – The couple’s favourite character from the beauty and the beast and many more. Each kaleera was a symbol of their love for each other.”

Jewellery designer Mrinalini Chandra, who created Priyanka’s kaleera, also pitched in:

“It was an incredible journey of working with the one and only Priyanka Chopra! Every step from meeting, conceptualising, creating something she wanted for the biggest day of her life ,has been an exceptional journey.I learnt about a girl who calls her own shots and lives life only on her own terms. Someone who knows exactly what they want is so inspiring. There is truly nobody else like you PC!” wrote Mrinalini.

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