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Police shoot pit bulls attacking woman and her dog in 2nd attack

The woman, who asked only to be identified by her first name Kate, said she was walking her mother’s bichon frise, Weenie, when the attack occurred.

“My mom was sitting on the pavement, holding Weenie, covered in blood,” Kate said.

It was approximately two weeks ago that Jason Colucci, another resident on the block, shared his story about the same dogs getting out and killing his beloved dog Champ

In addition to killing Champ, the dogs also bit Colucci, as well as his landlord.

Colucci said he was told the pit bulls would be quarantined for a week. Police say they found out that the dogs were only held one day.

“I can’t believe the same thing happened again after we called numerous times to try to get these dogs out of here,” said Colucci.

Kate questioned, “If this could be prevented, if this could be taken care of, why wasn’t it?”

Animal Care and Control said the agency cannot legally remove dogs from their owners because they were never charged with a crime after the first incident.

In a statement, they said: “With regard to the first bite incident, the dog owner appears to have complied with the bite quarantine procedures as required by law.”

Kate says that is no consolation for her family.

“This had to be prevented, this has to be prevented,” she said.

Police said they have been out to the home more than two dozen times to try and find the owners of the pit bulls to serve them a dangerous dog citation, but no one ever answered the door.

The officer-involved shooting investigation will also be looking into charges for the owner of the dogs.

No officers were injured in the incident

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