He also works with families to shoot their holiday cards and engagement announcements. He said he is willing to shoot anything underwater; the bigger the challenge, the better.

“The people who put more into the shoot, get more out of it,” Kiefer said. “People that have crazy unique ideas, we definitely give [them] huge discounts. We are just invested in it as them and we like to help them out with the deal.”

Kiefer said shoots can take at minimum three to four hours, and for 10-15 photos clients can expect a price tag around $1500. His advice for anyone interested in shooting under the surface: practice in your bathtub and get ready to put in the time it takes to make a masterpiece.

“Acclimate your mind to being underwater [and] practice opening your eyes so you don’t look like your in pain,” Kiefer said. “I really want the best and I don’t care how long it takes. I want to get the best for me and for them, so I will stay in as long as they will.”