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‘I was unfazed’: Ranveer Singh on standing besides Deepika during depression

Ranveer Singh has proved time and again that he is the husband of the millennium, just like he had said.

Not only was he there besides wife Deepika  in all the good times, but it looks like he stood like a rock even during her toughest times.

In a recent interview, when Ranveer was asked how he helped Deepika overcome depression, he said, “Whoever is suffering from it, has to get over it themselves. It has to come from inside.”

He added that he waited patiently for Deepika to come out of it.

“That’s okay. I had made up my mind a long time ago that she is the one for me. I was unfazed,” he said.

Meanwhile, Deepika has been vocal about her fight with depression from the start. In early 2014, the actress revealed that she would wake up one day “feeling different” and with a “strange emptiness” in her stomach.

She added that she had initially dismissed it as stress but the “nagging pain” did not go away, making her feel worse. It was then when she decided to consult a psychologist and found out that she was suffering from depression.

Speaking about the experience, the 33-year-old actress had said, “There is this perception that if you have everything – fame, money, family – why should one be depressed. It is important to understand what depression is and why it happens. It is a clinical condition that is beyond your control.”

She added, “That’s why I came out with my experience: there is a lot of stigma attached to mental illness, to seeking help and a lot of misinformation about what it is and why it happens. It was important for me to be a part of creating that awareness.”

To fight the stigma around mental health issues specifically depression, Deepika had started a foundation called ‘Live Laugh Love’ on October 15 (World Mental Health Day) 2015

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