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Splendora abduction suspects found in drug-filled trailer, police say

A man tried to abduct a 10-year-old girl and lead her into a trailer filled with drugs and human waste, according to Splendora law enforcement officials.

The girl just got off the school bus and was walking toward her home near Midline and Fostoria when the man approached, according to police.

She screamed and ran from the suspect just as a neighbor came out to help.

Responding officers arrested Dirk Dennison and John Joehlin.

Splendora ISD police chief Rex Evans said the men are being investigated for the alleged abduction attempt, but they’re currently charged only with misdemeanor drug offenses.

Officers report finding one suspect in the abandoned trailer surrounded by waste and drug paraphernalia. The other man was found a short time later.

“For tonight, they’re off the street. The child is safe and that was our main objective. I do want to stress to everybody who sees this that you need to make sure your children know that if someone tried to lure your child away, they need to do what this child did,” Evans said.

The owner of the property where the trailer sits told officers he is currently out of the country.

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