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WATCH: Nina Dobrev upsets a lion, almost gets attacked

Acclaimed American actor Nina Dobrev almost became a lion’s meal during her trip to South Africa after she somehow managed to upset a lion.

The 30-year-old Vampire Diaries star was ecstatic to interact with lions in the wild during her safari but it turns out the big cat was not too pleased to see her.

The actor turned to Instagram to share a little snippet of her meet and greet with the king of the jungle where she could be seen imitating the lion’s roar which he didn’t find too amusing.

“I think that means he likes me.

Pretty sure that translates in English to “Happy Birthday, Nina” she wrote.

The actor shared details of her experience during an interview saying: “The lion opened its mouth and tried to attack us, and our guide was like a real-life Indiana Jones and roared back at him and scared the lion off.

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