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I was pinched in front of everyone: Kangana Ranaut

Rani Mukerji received immense flak for her controversial take on the revolutionary #MeToo movement that hit India recently.

While netizens have criticised Rani for stating that women are responsible for their own safety, Kangana Ranaut has lent support to the actress saying, “Expecting another person to make sure that I am safe is not the right attitude. If I had thought like that at 16, God knows where I would be, maybe I wouldn’t have been alive. How can you expect another person to rescue you or be responsible for your safety?”

Recounting her own experience with harassment, the Queen starlet went on to add, “When you set the rules and make a person aware of the fact that this is violating another person’s fundamental right, if that person is a criminal, he wants to do that very thing. If initially it was a sexual urge, it’s become a mental urge and he wants to corner the young girl in the dark on the street.”

She further said, “I was pinched on my butt in the middle of a group and that person was right there, looking at me. It was not even sexual, it was like ‘I did exactly what I was not supposed to do’. And looking me in the eye like ‘what are you going to do now?’ So, what do you expect?”

According to the actress, taking charge of your safety did not necessarily mean being adept at martial arts. “It also means you go to someone who can save you; it may be a teacher, an uncle you trust, a friend, or the Mumbai Police, or go to the media, find a journalist and expose them,” she said

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