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Women in China offered ‘dating leave’ from work

While the concept of maternal and paternal leaves is more comprehensible, China has come forth with yet another bizarre idea of providing time off from work for what they call a ‘dating leave.’

According to reports, two companies in China have adopted the policy of issuing a leave from work for unmarried women over the age of 30, aside from their allotted seven-day break.

That specific group of employees have been granted the privilege due to the notion of ‘leftover women’ attached to them that is getting addressed.

The human resource manager of Hangzhou Songcheng Performance, Huang Lei, the decision was enthusiastically received by the employees for the company stepping in to help with their love lives.

On the other hand, social media users had a mixed response to the news with some sharing chuckles over it while others condemning it for being what they call ‘nonsensical.

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