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Houston Highway Construction At DEFCON 1 This Weekend

Strap yourselves in drivers. On second thought, don’t strap yourselves in. Stay at home. Ride a bike. Take a walk. If you do have to drive, assume every freeway in Houston is filled with mutant zombies hell bent on eating your brains. May as well be considering the level of construction on area roadways beginning Friday.

First, the easy ones.

If you were coming into town on, oh, let’s say, Interstate 10. Maybe you live in the Energy Corridor and were thinking you might swing over to the North Loop on your way to the Heights for a bite to eat. Think again, cowboy. The connecting ramp from I-10 to 610 going northbound will be closed all weekend. For an alternative, take I-10 straight through to one of the cross streets or, if you want to get to 290, take one prior to the 610 interchange. Don’t go all the way I-45…more on that in a moment.

So, what about our friends out in The Woodlands? They should be OK, right? Wrong, sucker. Interstate 45 will be completely closed southbound at Rayford/Sawdust, only the mostest importantest cross street in all of The Woodlands, you guys. The suggested detour is the feder road. Our suggested detour is parking yourself at a nearby bar and watching the world burn.

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