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115 birthday of GM Syed celebrated in Houston

115 birthday of GM Syed celebrated in Houston 

By: Raja Zahid A Khanazada 

Houston:The World Sindhi Forum and G M Syed Memorial Committee hosted 115th birthday of Jeay Sindh founder  G M Syed at Houston.

GM Syed Memorial committee President Rahman Kakaypota welcomed the participants. World Sindhi Congress leader Zubair Bhambro presented Sindhi national anthem. Riaz Samoon presented national and folk songs in his melodious voice. World Sindhi Congress leader Raja Dahir said that he salutes to Sindhis wherever they live that they keep Sindh in their focus. He said that Sindhi leadership disappearance is still on and missing person phenomenon is still on.

Americas World Sindhi Congress leader Saghir Sheikh said that their struggle is on for last thirty years, and we are continuing in America, Canada as well as in European countries. He said that they have presented the case of Sindh to UN and other international forums as we believe in the rights of self-determination. He said that we are active on social media and run a magazine as well. He said that the group has staged protests for recovery of missing persons as well as against proposed dams on Indus River. Several meetings were also conducted with US members of Congress,  US senators and Canadian Parliamentarian. He said consultations were also made with Human Rights organizations in Geneva. He said that they are celebrating G M Syed’s birthday in Houston for last 28 years.

G M Syed’s great grand daughter Paras Syed while addressing the gathering said that G M Syed is the founder of Sindhi nationalism as he gave a voice to voiceless Sindhis in their struggle for their rights. She said that Sain G M Syed gave his whole life for Sindhi rights and upliftment of Sindhi people.

She said that G M Syed life is a guide for all Sindhis and can not be described in one session.

Sindhi Association of North America ( SANA) leader Nurun Nisa Ghanghro said that when we raise the issue of missing person, the establishment agents call us anti Pakistan and say that we want to break the country. She said Sindhi Baluch and Pashtoons want equal rights and civil rights that are guaranteed in Pakistan’s constitution.

Wahdat Bhatti while addressing the crowd said that forces want to establish one unit to suppress Sindhis and smaller communities in Pakistan.

Syed Pir Ibrahim Shah said that though G M Syed had only home schooling but wrote more than 60 books. Sindh leader Parvaiz Inam Bhatti said that though Public schools teach Sindhi, but private schools are not teaching any Sindhi course in schools. G M Syed Study Board director Hadir Lashari said that even Sindh’s enemies recognize GM Syed as a great and honest leader and respect him for his honesty and sacrifices for Sindh.

Program organizers including Asif Panhwar, Mansoor Samoon, Maalik Dino Sheaikh,  thanked the audience for their participation while great grand daughter of G M Syed, Paras Syed along with others leaders & workers cut the birthday cake. A musical evening was also presented at this occasion

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