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Bengali bride goes viral for rejecting age-old wedding rituals

The internet has hailed a Bengali bride as a hero for breaking all traditional, deep-rooted rituals that most South Asian brides have to undertake before starting her new chapter.

The widely-circulated video shows the bride speaking the local language and donning a chirpy spirit as she refused to do all the longstanding customs that are stereotypically seen in a South Asian wedding including the bride shedding tears as she bids farewell to her parents’ house.

The newly-wed was seen turning down the role of a dejected bride bawling her eyes out and was instead seen saying goodbye to her family wearing a priceless smile on her face and avowing to come back to visit them whenever she desires.

Moreover, she could also be seen denying the ritual of tossing a handful of rice over her head to signify her debts to her parents getting repaid and responding instead by telling her relatives that one’s debts to their parents can never be repaid

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