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Sara Ali Khan on comparison with Amrita Singh: I can never do anything she’s done

Star kid Sara Ali Khan, who had already touched great heights of success and fame even before her smashing debut Kedarnath came out, has become everyone’s favourite with time.

The bubbly actress that rules the hearts of many is famed actress Amrita Singh’s daughter. While she is often compared to her mother, in a recent interview she revealed the two films of her mommy that she’d want to emulate.

Answering a question regarding critics believing that she has the same spunk as her mom, Sara said that she feels she can never be as good as Amrita in roles that the latter had aced back in the day.

“I don’t think I can do anything that mom has done. But if I ever have a chance to revisit a part that she has played, I would love to play her role in ‘Chameli Ki Shaadi,” she said.

The 23-year-old actress added, “I think she was brilliant. Her spontaneity and timing was brilliant. She was phenomenal in that role. I love the innocence she brought to ‘Betaab’. She made that part so lovable and beautiful. I would also love to play her part if ‘Aaina’ was remade. She won the award for the Best Supporting Actress. Although she wasn’t the leading lady, she was so damn powerful. It just proves that if you hold your own and keep doing what you believe is right, it will show.”

Sara was also in high appraisal of her mom’s acting prowess in the film ‘2 States’. Despite not having acted in a while, Amrita Singh was able to hold her on and deliver a captivating performance. That is certainly a commendable feat according to Sara

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