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From Anushka to Ranveer: 7 Bollywood doppelgangers that will leave you stunned!

The viral image of Anushka Sharma and her American look-alike Julia Michaels has given us a reason to dig out and compile a list of doppelgangers that make us gape at their uncanny resemblance with famous B-town celebs.

Have a look:

1. Ranveer Singh – Pakistani actor Hammad Shoaib

Hailing from Pakistan, budding actor Hammad Shoaib knows just how too much he looks like Ranveer Singh. In a conversation with Buzzfeed India, Hammad said, “I don’t imitate Ranveer but the resemblance is way too much.”

2. Anushka Sharma – Julia Michaels

Bollywood diva Anushka Sharma became the talk of town after fans started noticing a striking resemblance between her and famed American singer Julia Michaels.

Shortly after, piqued by the barrage of social media posts she came across, singer Julia Michaels reached out to Anushka in a Twitter post which said, ” Hi @AnushkaSharma apparently we’re twins lol.”

To this, Anushka quipped with a hilarious response, “OMG YES!! I’ve been looking for you and the remaining 5 of our doppelgangers all my life.”

3. Priyanka Chopra – Megan Milan / Sonya Hussain

Pee Cee has had a couple of look-alikes in the past. One of them is MMG model Megan Milan. Prior to Milan, Canadian fitness vlogger Navpreet Banga, were also called doppelgängers of the actress.

There’s Pakistani actress Sonya Hussain too, who looks like a spitting image of Pee Cee.

4. Shah Rukh Khan – Haider Maqbool

Haider Maqbool is an avid SRK fan who emulates him in every way and his photos are proof enough of that.

5. Alia Bhatt – Sanayaashu

A Tik Tok video of a girl named Sanayaashu bearing uncanny resemblance to Alia Bhatt did rounds on the internet. Dressed like Alia, the girl aced the actress’ famous dialogue from Gully Boy.

6. Ranbir Kapoor – Junaid Shah

Kashmiri model Junaid Shah was unaware of his eerie similarity with Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor until his friends started telling him so. His looks even caught attention of Ranbir’s father, veteran actor Rishi Kapoor who posted a picture on Twitter saying: “OMG. My own son has a double!!! Promise cannot make out. A good double.”

7. Deepika Padukone – Kinjal More

TikTok’s famous Deepika, who goes by the username @Kinjal_More, has been imitating the gorgeous actress for a long time.

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