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Silver Club of Dallas raised 213k for Agha Khan Foundation

By: Raja Zahid A Khanazada
Dallas: Silver Club of Dallas hosted a fundraising event to help public welfare projects world over by Agha Khan Foundation(contnue page3) . A large number of Ismaili community members were in attendance. Silver club leadership including Amir Makhani, Akbar Birani, Qamar Ali, and Nazleen Makhani welcomed all the participants. Silver Club members generously donated into funds, where 213,000 dollars got collected in a couple of hours. The collected funds were handed over to representative of Agha Khan Foundation. Participants of the fundraising event was also served sumptuous dinner and highly motivational music.Visiting artist Bhawan Shastry entertained the audience along with Bhoomika and Maqsood. Participants of the event got thoroughly entertained as Bhawan Shastri presented songs, qawwalis and popular Sufi music. He also expressed his feelings on love and brotherhood through his talks in the midst of all the music. Audience of the evening programmed gave a standing ovation to the artist and his performance.The program continued till late at night. The high level of musical performance which created an environment of ecstasy as well as nostalgia came at a time when political tension in the region was at a peak. This message of love and co-existence from Bhawan Shastri was appreciated by all. Talking to media, the program organizer Amir Makhani said that cultural programs and especially music is our common heritage in South Asia. We all work to further our goals of a better society through improvements in quality of life, eliminate poverty and create harmony among communities. This is why we collect funds for Agha Khan Foundation to help the human cause

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